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Villasimius is one of the most known town of Sardinia for its countless and wonderful beaches, desired by many tourists who want to live the experience of a unique holiday where you can swim in a clean and transparent sea, surrounded by a lot of fishes, getting a tan in beautiful granitic agglomerates carved by the wind or in the white beaches. You will have an embarrassment of riches, well-over 25 different beaches as the popular beach of Porto Giunco, known also as the beach of two seas, a large strip of sand washed by the sea and in the opposite side by a wonderful salty lake full of life where pink flamingos love to spend their summer holidays.
Villasimius enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers. It is surrounded by a hilly barrier and mountains with an high around 700-800 meters, it is a place suitable for any kind of sea or mountain activities. Trekking, mountain bike , hiking, climbing, safari, off-roading, birdwatching, canoe, snorkelling, tours of beaches, diving, dolphin watching and much more is awaiting for you..

The “Flamingo Villasimius” B&B takes its name from their most assiduous visitors: pink flamingos! Every year they choose as their home this little corner of paradise known Villasimius.

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