Villasimius is one of the best known and most visited municipalities in Sardinia for its numerous and wonderful beaches, a popular destination for many tourists who want to experience a unique holiday of its kind where you can swim in a clear and transparent sea, surrounded by many fish, where you can sunbathe on the beautiful granite agglomerations sculpted by the wind or on the white beaches.

You will be spoiled for choice, well over 25 beaches, each one different from the other, such as the very famous beach of Porto Giunco, also known as the beach of the two seas, a long strip of sand washed by the sea and on the opposite side a wonderful lake salty full of life where pink flamingos love to spend their summer holidays. Villasimius enjoys the typical Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers.

Surrounded by a hilly barrier and mountains with an altitude of around 700-800 metres, it is a place suitable for any type of maritime or mountain activity. Trekking, mountain biking, hiking, climbing, safaris, off-road vehicles, birdwatching, canoeing, snorkelling, boat trips, diving, dolphin watching and much more awaits you.

The locality of Capo Carbonara is famous for being the least rainy point in Italy. Its coastal territory extends for about 32 km thus offering an incredible variety of sandy and rocky coves, you also have the opportunity to visit well over 25 beaches, one different from the other, among many: Campus, excellent for lovers of swimming Campulongu, with its very shallow depth is ideal for families with small children Porto Giunco, with its salty lake full of life where pink flamingos love to spend the summer and many other incredible beaches.

Thanks to its strategic position, in the center of the Mediterranean, the territory of Villasimius has been inhabited since ancient times, as evidenced by the innumerable historical and archaeological sites still visible today and in some cases open to visitors, one can admire the Domus de Janas, dating back to the pre-Nuragic, various remains of Nuraghi, houses, ruins and temples from the Phoenician, Roman and Spanish periods. A wonderful historical-naturalistic journey awaits you in Villasimius.

In addition to its historical-naturalistic beauties, you can also enjoy your holidays by participating in the many festivities that take place during the course of the year: Carnival in February, Easter Festivities, Feast of the Madonna di Bonaria in April “La Via del Granito” in the month in May (a fantastic ecological walk along the coast of Villasimius which sees the participation of many locals and tourists every year), the Festa della Madonna del Naufrago in the month of July (an incredible procession on the sea with boats). In August and throughout the summer months, unique and fun events take place in the square, almost one a day. In September the famous feast of Santa Maria and San Raffaele Arcangelo in October (patron saint of Villasimius). During the Christmas period you can admire the festively lit village and you can participate in the fantastic New Year’s Eve in the square which sees hundreds of people participate every year, over 800, seated at the table, in the heat, who celebrate and toast the arrival of the new year together.

Last but not least, in Villasimius you can practice your favorite sport at any time of the year thanks to the Mediterranean climate which during the winter reaches about ten degrees above zero and between 30 and 40° during the summer. All this means that it can be the perfect destination for your holidays at any time of the year.

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